FoundersBoost Italy

FoundersBoost Italy

They are a global tech startup pre-accelerator aimed at working with great early stage entrepreneurs to prepare them for accelerator programs, seed investment, and revenue through a six week part-time program.

FoundersBoost Italy
FoundersBoost Italy

FoundersBoost Growing Globally

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Boosting startup success with no fee charged and no equity taken!

FoundersBoost is a global Pre-Accelerator program

FoundersBoost is a global Pre-Accelerator program with a mission to lead pre-seed stage startups towards Accelerators, Investment, and/or Revenue (AIR) without taking equity or fees.

In five years, FoundersBoost globally has selected over 480 startups from over 5700 applicants to participate in the pre-accelerator.

To date our alumni have gone on to the worlds top accelerator programs and have raised $135+ million in funding. Each program takes place over a 6-week period in the evenings at a local co-working space or virtual platform and brings in the best speakers and mentors to work with selected early stage tech startup teams to prepare them for accelerators, investment, and/or revenue generation.

Meet the Program Team in Italy

Mentor Driven Program. Expert Speakers from recognized domain experts to help you grow. Pitch Coaching to identify holes in the business and hone the startup’s story. One-on-One Mentorship to help improve the startups impact.

Week 1: Induction & Customer Development
People in a meeting
Meet the team
Meet your directors, peers, and mentors.
Get a deep dive into what’s going to happen over the program and what you need to do to make the most from the program.
Know Your Customer
Learn how to make the most of your time with customers and get to the bottom of what they need from your startup.

Week 2: Pitch And Presentation Skills
Founders preparing a pitch
Pitch Like a Pro
Get best practice tips on how to ensure your presentation and pitch skills communicate your company effectively and clearly, while also connecting with your audience.

Week 3: Market Sizing
Founders brainstorming
Size the Market
Understand how to break down markets to see how big your potential customer can be and start working on how to take the right steps in addressing this new business.

Week 4: Building Products that Matter
Founders brainstorming
Building Products People Love
Hear from industry expert speakers on the factors that go into making products that your users and customers will care about to make your startup a necessary item for their everyday way of doing things. Learn how to find Product-Market Fit.

Week 5: The Fundraising Process & Techniques
Founder working on his laptop
Finetune Your Fundraise
Learn the best practices on preparing for investment and how to appropriately attack your fundraising process.

Week 6: Venture Funding and Accelerators
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Investment and Growth

Get insights into what role accelerators, angels, VC’s, and other types of funding may play in the future of your startup; and how best to deal with them at the right time for your business.

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